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Going up is great but there are a number of disadvantages too.

I was trying to do a vertical shoot (movie) going vertically up a tree from the ground and then along the top of the canopy looking down - thought it may be quite interesting - a nice graphic of a pine timber plantation. So I went to what's left of Tokai “forest”, spent 10 minutes experimenting when, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by four SANPARKS officials. Threatening to confiscate my drone and fine me R2500

for flying in a SANPARKS area. WTF it's a pine plantation!. They couldn't give me reason as why but none of them knew - other than that I would disturb the animals ... in a pine plantation! Hmmm ...

But, be that as it may I'm getting about and learning new things every day. Lots to remember.

Much of the time, the drone is out of sight but so far have managed to bring it home every time.

Problem is no-one seems to want to insure the darned machine! So taking the occasional risk is,

well, risky.

I'm doing progress aerials of a very modern house that is being built in Newlands. interesting job

and the workers get very excited when they see “the helicopter man” arriving.

Waving and smiling up at the sky.

... and here's pretty-much the opposite - the roofs of Izama Yethu

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