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I started business-life as a graphic designer, worked for small studios and big advertising agencies. Eventually started my own design studio which morphed into a force in the advertising industry in Cape Town. We had a sister company which specialised in Public Relations.

My main function was Creative Director. I supervised our studio and directed photographic shoots amongst other responsibilities.

We eventually sold the business to a larger, out-of-town advertising company.

I decided to launch my new life as a photographer. Specialised in industrial photography and studio shoots. I loved to experiment with light and the way it could change the aspect of a subject.

I've now moved on from that stage and while still doing commercial and industrial shoots, I also do family stuff and a lot of travel. 

This website is simply to show some of my subject-matter and styles.

Assignment Photography and Photographic Library

clix@africanpix com

082 900 1580

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