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I've decided to change direction (slightly) ... Going UP!

Invested in a drone so now able to really take-off 🙄

It's a whole new learning curve - I get giddy when looking through the lens at 50 meters above the ground!

Lot's of fun and totally new perspective on two dimensions - literally.

Up, down, left right and sideways and then when you turn around everything goes the opposite direction.

A few times while I've been shooting fishermen and taxi drivers have come up to while landing and requested to have a photo taken with me (why?). But I've done it anyway - made a few new friends.

I've done a coulee of construction site so the builder and owners have progress pics of the job and also shot some high rise property for developers.

And while I'm busy, there's always a personal shot on the side - did a great cemetery pic last week!

Here are a few examples ...

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