I began my career as a graphic designer.

Worked for a design studio and then a couple of large advertising agencies

where I learned business structures and systems.

Took the plunge and started my own design studio and after a couple of years took a partner on board.


I was responsible for the creative side of the business and together,

we grew to become a fully recognized advertising agency -

we also opened a public relations company as a complimentary addition.


During this period I directed many photographic shoots, learned lighting both in-studio and out.

My interest in photography grew - the challenge of light fascinated me - 

lighting, after all, is what photography is about!

Composition and an “eye” for the shot are almost as important ...


I sold my shares in the ad agency and decided to concentrate on my passion.

I spent a lot of time working on industrial photography - factories, machinery, equipment.

I set up my own photo studio and did general commercial shoots -

people, products, pack shots.

Designed and produced a fair amount of annual reports, corporate brochures

and product catalogues.

I still do some commercial stuff and now shoot for a number of image libraries around the world.

Nature, people, industrial, landscapes, natural history animals and the rest.


There's always a camera at hand ...


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Hosiers Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia